Shane Tan

progress 25/5/14


Re-make of a Okubi-e by master Kunichika. A3 size.

justice for all



Kame no ko

Rorihakucho Cho Jun (浪裡白跳張順)
chojun Ki Fudo (黄不動) with youth attendants Kongara douji (矜羯羅童子), Seitaka douji (制た迦童子)fudomyoo Kiyohime (清姫)kiyohime Raijin (雷神)raijin Sarutahiko (猿田彦)sarutahiko

Kintaro publishing

kintaro publishing

Kame no ko prints are available now in 2 sizes, 30 by 40cm and 50 by 70cm only on Kintaro publishing.

Great things are happening with this publisher. Keep a look out!



For Sandro



Preparation drawings

Phoenix, Jikukoten, and Musha-e with reference from Toyokuni 1
pheonix jikukotenmusha-e

Autumn Sleeve


To Anita. You rock!


I am on instagram

Just thought I’d mention that you can stalk me on Instagram @shane_tan

Happy Lunar new year!

Gong xi fa cai to my dearest family and friends.

Some progress.  Great clients with great vibes.

progress January 2014 progress 2013

Copic marker doodles.

Preparation sketches for clients.
tennin pheonix


on Dani. Thanks a million.

For the fans of Yautja (predator)

This is with copic markers. A3 size.

Thanks to Dark Horse Comics for the inspiration.

I’m back in Zurich in a few days and I sincerely apologize for not being able to squeeze in more tattoo appointments for my dear friends and clients in Singapore. I promise the next time I will prepare myself better.


The beginning

of Ogata Shuma Hiroyuki. Shape-shifting ninja. Thanks Alvin for being so patient with me.

Last doodle for the year.

I used Copic markers on this one. A3 size. Prints available soon.

Happy new year to my dearest family, friends and treasured clients all around the world. I thank you all for such an amazing year.

With all the love and respect, yours truly…